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Your Shopify Developer.

I provide custom Shopify theme solutions that are conversion driven and have a blazing fast performance.

I help small businesses customize Shopify stores to suit their unique needs. I use clean codes and SEO strategies to help you rank high for searches, attract new visitors, and compel them to buy. You never have to worry about visitors leaving your store without buying again.


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You want to create a Shopify store, but you’re not sure where to start

Are you trying to migrate to Shopify but are scared of losing your store and customer data?

Do you want a Shopify store that is blazing fast and converts your visitors to paying customers?

Are you ready to upgrade your online store to a bigger, better, and more optimized Shopify store?

Are you confused about expanding your business and taking your product to the international market? 

I can help you with all of that and more! I am a Shopify Expert with experience in creating successful stores for businesses of all sizes. Certified developer with  Figma, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion, and internationalization. I’ll take your business to the next level.

 Nice to meet you

About Zainab

In my previous life, I was Dreadloc-head Yogi. I loved to lift weights and bake cakes. My favourite pastime was running my hands through my furry Gigi’s hair and growing vegetables in my little garden.

In this life, I am a Shopify developer who loves to be a part of people’s growth journeys. To me, E-commerce is not only about selling. It is about adding value to other people. I love helping small businesses portray their unique value through their online store. My biggest reward is knowing that I am a part of achieving this goal.

I believe every business should live by the saying “money is a by-product of value. Always strive to give value, and money will follow ”







People are talking


Zainab is a great listener. She understood the job and delivered it perfectly. I was most concerned about responsiveness when we talked. She put me to ease and overdeliver on the Job.

Valerie Ekom

I am so glad I found Zainab. I was struggling with placing a particular feature on my website that would bring in leads, but the only way to have it exactly how I wanted was by coding CSS, etc. Zainab fixed this for me in no time at all. She is a great web developer, fast too. Leads are coming in now. Highly recommended.

Jamila jones

She knows her onions. Unlike other developers, She doesn’t just build you a website. She takes care of your SEO and even gives you tips to help rank higher in the Google search.

Bukayo Owojaiye

Choose a service to begin

My Services

With my Shopify development service, I start by researching your niche and implementing strategies to help you thrive in that category. Every step of the process is implemented with conversion speed at heart so not only do you get a beautiful store but one which also boosts sales for your businesses as well.

Custom Store Setup

You shouldn’t have to worry about the stress of building your online store coupled with running a business.

With my expertise and experience, I will help you handle the entire setup and launch of your store. You get a  store that turns visitors into sales and shows off the uniqueness of your brand.

Theme Coding

Theme Coding offers you a wide range of features and coding options, which are unique and will give your website an edge over the competition.

These coded features and animations etc. will help increase traffic to your website, as well as sales and conversions. Let me help you create a website that is profitable and efficient.

Migration to Shopify

You are probably here because you have realized that Shopify is the way to go. Although, you are scared of losing the customers and product data that you spent a lot of money to acquire. 

Your worries end here. I will ensure a smooth transition from your old store to Shopify. You get to keep all of your data and continue on Shopify like you never moved.

Create an awesome site

My Packages


I will professionally set up your Shopify store for conversion.


  • Customizing your purchased Shopify Theme to suit your brand.
  • Upload and organize content and products (for SEO).
  • Set up filters, collections, and navigation.
  • Google console and analytics setup
  • Social media integration.
  • Two (2) revisions
  • 2 weeks post-launch support

It takes up to 2-3 weeks.



This is the most popular package. It is for people who want something more customized. Starting with a Shopify theme, I will modify the theme code to suit your exact requirement.


  • Customizing your purchased Shopify Theme to suit your brand.
  • Upload and organize content and products(for SEO).
  • Set up filters, collections, and navigation.
  • Google console and analytics setup
  • Social media integration.
  • 10-20 hours of custom coding unique features.
  • Two (2) revisions
  • 1-month post-launch support
  • Free staff training

It takes up to 4-6 weeks.


This package is for when you want something extremely customized with features that require more than 20 hours of coding.

  • Google console and analytics setup
  • Social media integration.
  • Over hours of custom coding unique features.
  • Three(3) revisions
  • 3 month post-launch support
  • Free staff training
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Never lose another sale

You will go from poor online store, zero visibility, zero branding, miserable sales with no growth.

To a beautiful branded store that boosts your sale, Increase your visibility and supports the growth of your business.

Set up your website and start selling

Book A Call

Let’s hop on a discovery call. Understanding your business goal will allow me to build a store that fulfils your exact need.

Development Stage

Once your business goals are understood, I will go ahead to build the best Shopify store that ever happened to your business.

Reach your Goal

With the best process in place, the sky will be your starting point.


Get your Shopify website up and running today


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